About Us

Our school is a Co-education school and offers affordable education. Our teaching staff strives hard to foster holistic growth and development of your child. Ensuring them of a strong educational foundation, in order to build a great career ahead. Equal amount of attention is given to every student, collaborating with their parents, in order to enhance their learning skills and aptitude. All teachers at Infant's Indian Kidze School constantly upgrade their skills, working towards improved teaching methods, aiming to achieve newer milestones in the field of education. The environment in our school is conducive for scholastic and co-scholastic learning. We encourage our students in the spirit of healthy competition, equip them to be disciplined, well coordinated and excel individually as well as in a team.

Our teachers are committed to educate and train students for their optimal overall growth and development. For the same reason there are regular checks maintained on their progress by organising talks and discussions with both the students and their parents. There is equal unbiased attention allotted to each child and constant up gradation in the teaching methods and techniques is adopted. The academic curriculum is set keeping in mind the psyche, grasping power and competence of children of same age groups.